Healthy feet are happy feet. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Foot Loose

Keep Your Feet Healthy and Have More Fun It may sound like a strange thing to say, but if you want to enjoy yourself you need good feet. A good pair of feet will let you dance all night, walk around the shops all day or enjoy a run. On the other hand, bad feet can make all of
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It's okay to hate germs, just don't let your partner socially die alone. (Photo:

Hot and Cold

How to Avoid a Fever but Keep Things Hot December is finally here. Although you are super excited for the continuous holiday cheer, you can’t help but fear the dreaded winter bug. You’re in that state where you’re not yet sick, but you could feel it coming any time. Here’s the
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Put your feet in good hands

Why do women have such an affinity for shoes? I may be generalizing here but let’s face it–most women love shoes with a capital L. Women and their love of high heels dates back centuries ago. The first time high heels were worn purely for vanity is attributed to
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