Doctors recommend using mascara instead of dyes to enhance your eyelashes. (Photo: Adonia Dennis)

Don’t Dye

3 Things to Know Before Dyeing Eyelashes Nowadays, most people are looking for ways to change their physical appearance to improve how they look. Improving your outward looks leads to increased morale and self-esteem. People try many ways and methods to change their looks from
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Should you splurge on name brand cosmetics or save on the store brands? (Source: Paul Wharton Style)

Costly Cosmetics

To Splurge or Not to Splurge Cosmetic products have varying price points, so how do you know when to drop the big bucks in the department store or save money by going to your local drug store? Think about what your skin needs Skincare products are applied directly to the skin,
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IRENE Proof Mascara Pick

Hurricane Irene was no joke! Who has time for all that wind and rain? I poke fun at the fact I have lashes for every occassion, but 60-70 mph winds? No way my lashes would stay on straight in those circumstances. So I checked around to help our lash lovers find the best
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