On the first Friday of each month, 11 Dupont galleries stay open late. (Photo: First Friday Dupont)

Keep Cool

Dates that Beat the Heat With temperatures in the upper 90s, strolling the monuments is not really a great date option right now. Rooftop bars are doubling as saunas. So how do you raise the heat in your dates and stay cool at the same time? Bowling Dinner dates are great, but
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Stop giving him socks and ties! (Photo: K Marie/Cloud 9 Living)

Father’s Day Gifts

Buying the Perfect Gift for Him Your hubby’s big day is quickly approaching. If you are dating or are married to a dad, but haven’t purchased him a gift yet, check out some of our suggestions. Although all of our guys are different, there is a great present out there for every
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Meet Kidd Cole, D.C.’s very own catfish. (Photo: MTV)

Catfish Dates

Catching the Catfish If you are an avid MTV viewer or have recently been keeping up with the network’s shows, you may have heard that the popular TV show, Catfish, filmed an episode in Washington, D.C. this year. A “catfish” is a person that you meet online, usually for dating
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