Holiday Dining

How to Limit Sodium While Eating Out Whether at a restaurant or at a relative’s house, eating out during the holidays can be difficult on a diet, especially when it comes to sodium intake. Sodium is an important nutrient for human health. The body uses it to control blood
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High heels might boost your height and slim your calves, but they can lead to long-term damage of your feet. (Photo:

No Pain, No Gain

Should You Put Up with Agonizing Shoes? It’s Saturday night and you’re meeting your friends for a few drinks at a smart bar. Standing in front of the shoe shelf, the usual dilemma ensues: do you go for the height-boosting, calf-slimming stilettos that leave you
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Parents of teen drivers are the main factor in successfully teaching their child to be a safe driver. (Photo:

Safe Driving

Parents Are Key to Safer Teen Drivers Parents of teen drivers often wonder what the deciding factor is to successfully teaching their child to be a safe driver. The answer is … they are. According to Beverly Shirk, pediatric trauma care coordinator at Penn State Hershey
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