Gluten is found in foods made with wheat, oats or barley.

Healthy Eating

The Big Deal About Gluten Simply walking down the aisle of the grocery store, “gluten-free” labels jump out from food items everywhere. What is the big deal about gluten? Do we need it? Why do we hear so much lately about people cutting it out of their diets? In basic terms,
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No trouble in paradise here: Kelly Brook and boyfriend Danny Cipriani on vacation in May. (Photo courtesy Kelly Brook via Instagram)

Celebrity Battle

Price vs. Brook: The Conflict Rumbles On The tabloids love a good celebrity feud, whether it’s the spat between Kelly Osbourne and Christina Aguilera, the snippy Twitter exchanges between Lily Allen and Cheryl Cole, or Rita Ora’s jibes at ex Rob Kardashian. The latest rift making
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Artificial light and the lack of daylight can disrupt the body's internal clock. (Photo: iStock)

Seek the Sun

Camping Tunes Body Clock With Nature Putting down your phone and living for a week with nothing but sunlight and campfires may bring your body clock in sync with nature’s rhythms, a small study suggests. And, researchers found, even avowed night owls turn into early birds
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