Carbon Monoxide

Warming Winter’s Chill Can Be Toxic When winter gets so cold for so long — as it has this year — it can be tempting to look for creative ways to heat things up. Whether that means bringing kerosene heaters indoors, grilling dinner on a camp stove in the kitchen when the power is
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What should you pack for your Caribbean cruise? (Photo:

Cruise Wear

What to Wear on a Caribbean Cruise So you’re about to take the trip of a lifetime, a cruise to the Caribbean! Your dreams of kicking back on the sun deck, relaxing in the pool and over indulging at the all you can eat buffets is about to become your reality. So the question is,
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Progressive strength-training for 40 minutes, twice a week using resistance bands can strengthen muscles and protect bones. (Photo: Penn State)

Maintaining Muscle

Strength Key to Functioning Independently Although people of any age can benefit from regular strength training, it becomes especially important for those in middle age and beyond, as muscle fiber begins to break down at a rate of about one pound per year. “When you lose enough
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