Just two weeks of proper skin care can reverse environmental effects on your skin. (Photo: Mary Kay)

Wrinkle Ranking

Where You Live Can Age Your Skin Early New data demonstrate the correlation between geographic location and the formation of wrinkles. The study lists the 50 most wrinkle-prone regions in the United States, and the underlying factors that may cause skin to age. Researchers at
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Ask for sauce on the side. This works for pretty much any dish except pasta. (Photo: Three Apples a Day)

Dining with Diabetes

Tips for Dining Out With Diabetes In our health section we talked about dealing with diabetes, and one of the tips we covered was changing your diet. The American Diabetes Association recommends a healthy diet high in protein, fruits and non-starchy vegetables, with moderate
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There are many factors to consider when choosing a running shoe. (Photo: LR Fashion)

Find Your Footing

How to Buy a Good Pair of Running Shoes Shoes are one thing, and running shoes are another. If you are thinking about purchasing a pair of running shoes, the first thing you must remember is that style is not the only thing to consider. Kids particularly see nothing more in shoes
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