V-Day Alternatives

Tips for a Stressless Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day tends to be a stressful time for everyone, whether they are in a relationship or not; those who are attached suffer from the pressure of gift-giving and romantic sentiment, while singletons can be made to feel like
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Monitoring your own blood pressure at home is easy to do, as long as you keep a few basics in mind. (Photo: NPR)

Healthy You

The ‘Right Way’ to Take Blood Pressure For millions of Americans, checking blood pressure is not something reserved for an annual medical visit. Because one in three American adults suffers from high blood pressure, regular and accurate blood pressure checks are
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2014: The Year of the Gemstones The New Year is here, and that means time to start thinking about the new you. New fashion for the spring has already been released and soon it will be flooding the stores. Be one step ahead of the curve with great spring fashion. Though the
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