Tapered trousers with a camisole style top or a pencil skirt with a sparkly blouse are comfortable, casual options. (Photo: Discover Media)

Poker Face

What to Wear for a Casino Night Out Wearing a fantastic outfit on a night out can give you a great confidence boost and affect the way other people perceive you. There are times it can even be advantageous, for example if you were going to a casino for the evening. Feeling good
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Gucci Premiere (Photo: Gucci)

Women’s Fragrances

Perfume Makes a Wonderful Christmas Gift Christmas is the time of year to share gifts between you and your loved ones, and get into the festive spirit. However, it can also be tricky deciding what presents to purchase for your friends and family. Perfume is always an excellent
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The holidays, when you are with elderly relatives you don't often see, is a good time to look for changes in their health. (Photo: Huffington Post)

Home for the Holidays

A Time to Gauge Loved Ones’ Health As families gather during the holiday season, it’s important to pay special attention to the older members of the clan. Dr. Noel Ballentine, a doctor of internal medicine at Penn State Hershey Medical Center who specializes in geriatrics, says
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