2011 Seasonal Shimmers

One of the best makeup looks for the holiday season involves a little glitz and shimmer.  Iridescent or metallic eye make-up is a brilliant complement to today’s luscious dewy foundations.

Ambition Eye Dust

Almost every brand of cosmetics has some sort of eye shimmer, eye dust or eye pigment.  The key is picking one that will last through your lifestyle.  Don’t waste your money on any old shimmer product!  Look for a shimmer with high pigment or color!  This will help keep the color on longer.

Mint Chocolate Eye Dust


1.  Prep eyelids with a shadow primer.

2.  Using a chocolate colored liner draw a line as close to your upper lash line as possible. With a smudger brush smoke out the liner.

3.  Apply a light shimmer pigment shadow around your entire eye area.  Don’t cover the liner. 

4.  Using a fluffy shadow brush, place the darker shimmer pigment in the crease of your lid.

Crease Brush

5. Finish eyes with mascara.

6. Add a small touch of blush on the apple of your cheek.

7.  Finish with a light nude gloss.

Pure Lipgloss

 XOXO Enjoy Beauties!



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