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Do you find yourself staying awake at night for no reason? Thinking about what you didn’t get done or still need to do the next day? Honey… you are aging yourself!  2012 is about ageless beauty. Staying young starts with you! Take care of yourself and all will fall into place.  Here are some quick tips to help you sleep at night. We have added morning beauty quick fixes should you feel the need to over obsess.


Tip #1: Wind it down – Before you sleep, you should wind down your night a minimum of 90 mins prior to your desired bed time.  This means not participating in mind stimulating activities.  Try diming the lights and drinking a cup of chamomile tea.

Tip #2: Don’t exercise before bed. Experts say you shouldn’t exercise at least 3 hours before bed. Doing this will speed your heart rate.  You can play relaxing music and stretch though. Doing this can calm your mind.

Tip #3: Your bed is for two things… sleeping and sex. Don’t eat in it, watch TV in it or work on your computer while lying in bed.  These activities re-stimulate your brain making it harder to fall asleep. Instead, keep those areas where they belong.  Eat in the dining room, work in your office and watch TV in your living room.  You can use your wind down stage to jot down notes and tasks for the next day.  This way when you are laying in bed you can fall fast asleep.  If you are awake in bed more than 20 mins you should get up sit in a different chair and read for a while.


If you are having that sleepless night and are worrying about how you will look in the morning, use these tips to hide your restless night.

Tip #1: Save your green tea bag. It is an old remedy but can be a quick fix to help get rid of bags under your eyes.  Place a green tea bag (after use) in the fridge to chill.  Lay back and apply a bag on each eye for about 15 mins.  Green tea contains a natural anti-inflammatory which can lessen the appearance of raccoon eyes.

Tip #2: I place two tablespoons in the freezer the night before a late night, so first thing in the morning I can apply the back side to my lids for about 10 mins.  Then I add a little Preparation H under the eye before applying my makeup.  It is important not to use Preparation H on a constant basis.  It is not made for the eye area and can cause irritation. When using this product, be sure to use a small amount and AVOID direct contact with the eyes.  Preparation H contains phenylephrine which will constrict the delicate blood vessels under your eyes, squeezing the fluid out and reducing the puffiness.

Tip#3: CONCEAL! When all else fails, prior to getting any surgical procedure, invest in a good cosmetic concealer. I apply foundation first then add concealer over the foundation to smooth out and lighting the dark circles I get from lack of sleep.  Then if needed, I apply just a little more concealer if needed.  I finish my base with an oil control powder then start on my daily makeup look.

Following these simple tips will help you look your best! Remember, beauty sleep = a beautiful you! If tips and tricks don’t help, seek treatments and recommendation from your medical professional.

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