THE LOOK: Want to know how to get this fresh faced look? It’s easy with these simple makeup tips.

Photo: David Lewis

Hair/Makeup: Anna Castillo

Model: Casandra Tressler

Clothes: Tsyndyma


1. Starting with a clean and moisturized face, check the areas that may need a little correction.

2. Using a green correcting concealer add a small amount anywhere you see redness.  Be sure you use this product sparingly!  Don’t us this if you are going out to night clubs…. black lights will not be your friend!

3. Add a corrector concealer in a lighter shade than your skin tone to cover any darkness.

4. Place powder under your eyes to help catch any fallen shadow.

5. Add a dab of shadow primer like ink…cosmetics shadow base in lite.  Apply this product using your ring finger to unsure you are not applying too much pressure.

6. Use a wide shadow brush and add a cream shimmer shadow all over the eye.

7. Add a pink/mauve shadow above the crease of your eye…sweep the brush back and forth in a half moon shape motion.

8. Take a smaller shadow brush and add a shimmer pigment in white/silver under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eyes.

9. Using a jet black eye pencil follow the rim of the entire eye.

10. Grab a thin liner brush with black shadow and lightly go over the same area.

11.  Use black lash adhesive and add false lashes to the top lash line.

12.  After the adhesive has dried add liquid liner to the top of the lashes to look more realistic.

13.  Use a fluff shadow brush to and a smoky grey black shadow to smoke out the edges of the look.

14.  Define the brow with a little bit of brown/black shadow.  Apply the product by using an angled brush.

15.  Top lashes with mascara.

16.  Sweep a peach/pink matte blush along the cheek bone using a fan styled makeup blush brush.

17.  Line your lips with a pink/purple lip liner and just add clear gloss.

18.  Top the look with a fabulous outfit and stilettos of course!


XOXO  Besos!

Anna Castillo

Anna Castillo is a Celebrity Makeup Artist/Stylist, Active Duty Air Force Member and Owner of ink…cosmetics, LLC.  She has had the opportunity to work at the pinnacle of the makeup and fashion industry.  For over 14 years, her clients have included artists, designers, actors, and celebrities such as Shakira, Aubrey O’day, Johnny Weir, Spinderella, Adrienne Bailon, Danny Glover, Michael Phelps, Jaslene Gonzalez, Janice Combs, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, Pastry Shoes, Amber Rose, Betsey Johnson, Johnathan Kayne, Althea Harper, Gordana Gehlhausen Goga, Tsyndyma, Unite Hair Academy, Fashion News Network, ZINK Magazine, Jesus Estrada, Jess Zaino, Indashio, VH1, MTV, and NYFW just to name a few.  Originally from Broklyn, NY, she has moved to DC in order to furfill her military obligation and is excited to call DC her new home!  As our City Celebrity Makeup Expert, she will be bringing big city Makeup and Fashion tips and trends our fans.

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About the Author
Beauty editor for DC on Heels. Anna is a celebrity makeup artist/stylist, active duty air force member and owner of Ink Cosmetics. That’s right, she can karate kick chop you and apply your lashes at the same time. Follow her @inkcosmetics
  1. Anna Castillo

    Photo collage credits:
    Flower Photo on Left: Renata Bueche
    MUA/HAIR: Anna Castillo

  2. Kerri

    Beautiful Photo. Have seen numerous Photos of Casandra this is a different look! A wow!

  3. Marden

    Extremely helpful artilce, please write more.

  4. Anna Castillo

    Bless you! More how-to articles coming soon! XOXO Besos Anna C.

  5. Anna Castillo

    Thank you Kerri! Casandra is such a pleaure to work with! I used my line on her for the shoot. Glad you liked it. XOXO Besos! Anna C.