The answer is easy. TO THREAD.

The benefit of threading that most sets it apart from other hair removal techniques is its precision. While waxing and plucking can often leave unwanted stray hairs around your eyebrows, a threading artist goes through your hair row by row, giving eyebrows a clean and defined shape. Threading only removes hair, not skin, and because it is so exact, it can remove hairs that are finer than those that can be removed by waxing or plucking.

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal practiced by the people of South Asia and Arabia. It is a delicate procedure and  involves hair removal with the means of highly skilled hands using special thread to pluck and pull hair out from the roots. 

Trust me the video makes this even look more painful then it really is. If you can handle waxing or tweezing then you can handle threading. And don’t get it twisted, neither waxing nor threading is painless, but threading lasts way longer  than waxing. 

Benefits of Threading
  • One of the greatest benefits of threading is that it is less messier and faster as compared to waxing or tweezing for hair removal purposes. Especially hair on the upper lip and eyebrows. (You can thread anywhere you have hair including your chin.) 
  • Threading is cheaper than waxing and much cleaner! Wax is used over and over and sometimes the same stick is even used to remove the hair. Sanitation is a huge issue with waxing. With threading only one piece of thread is used per person. They have a whole spool of thread so they would never have a reason to use the same piece of thread over. 
  • Waxing causes redness and irritation. With threading no matter how sensitive your skin is you will never get that extreme redness, soreness and  yes sometimes scarring caused by pulling out the follicle of your eyebrow hairs. If the temperature of the wax is not exactly right than that too can cause severe irritation.  In threading the top layers of skin are not peeled or traumatized in the process. 
  • Threading allows the beautician to develop the natural arc of your eyebrow as they have closer access to each hair growth since it is done individually.

Threading is a great method of hair removal for both women and men. If it is done regularly it helps to weaken the hair follicle the hair growth becomes less prominent and becomes less dense over time. So of you have one of these going on…

then do yourself a favor and thread it off! Uni-brows are NEVER acceptable.

There are multiple locations in the DC area. I visited Perfect Eyebrows at the  Georgetown Mall. But click here for a directory of threading locations in the DC metro area.  It cost me only 10 bucks+ 20%tip. Now that’s a deal to get the perfect shape for your eyebrows for at least two weeks!

Ok so here I am before I get threaded.  
And voila! After the magic. 
OK and now it’s time for my favorite weekly segment.
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Amber’s #1 look alike is the envy of every man, woman, and animal on the planet. She is only the most popular and desired femme fatal on the planet. Humanitarian, goodwill ambassador, academy award winning actress, alleged hubby stealer, and the woman who is most known for those lustrous lips–It’s none other than the one and only –Angelina Jolie.

Coming in strong at #2 with a strong showing at 96% is actress Elisha Cuthbert  most known for her prominent role as Kim Bauer in the  action-thriller television series 24. And my fave celeb look-alike that Amber has a  nice resemblance to is one of the  Gilmore Girls–Lauren Graham!  OK I’m going to go on record to say that Amber probably has one of the most desired Celeb Doppelganger’s out there.

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  1. Anonymous

    I've had both waxing and threading done regularly for at least 10 years and there's one negative you omitted: A bad, inexperienced or rushed threader can yank hairs out so hard or such a bad angle that she draws blood. You wind up with tiny pinprick-sized sores that really burn, then form scabs. Don't scratch them or they'll leave scars. The only remedy is not to use that technician again. And a big fallacy is that hair regrowth is slower with threading. While professional waxing, threading or tweezing always lasts longer than our amateur efforts at home, regrowth depends only on how your body functions, not the method of removal.

  2. Diana

    I love threading. I think it hurts less than waxing and it is more precise. I go to Radience Salon in Centreville, VA.

  3. Lily (Face Hair Removal Blog)

    Threading is incredibly fast and precise. BUT… you must have an experienced person do it. You should get a personal recommendation before trying someone new!!

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